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Picsil’s Waterproof Tactical Backpack 2.0  is the backpack you’ve been waiting for. The new tactical backpack version has arrived to offer you everything you need. This improved version includes waterproof fabric, thermal pocket, and even a USB port to charge your mobile device and always have it at hand.

Version 2.0 

Version 2.0 of our previous Tactical Backpack has arrived. This new improved model features 45L capacity organized into multiple compartments.  

The tactical backpack 2.0 consists of a main pocket, thermal pocket to keep your products cold and warm, waterproof and reflective removable bag with which to cover your backpack, mesh pockets and even lower straps to store your roller.  

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Waterproof recycled oxford Gender

Size: 55*20*35CM

Load capacity: 45 liters

Standalone laptop pocket 

Waterproof, with reinforced double padding and ergonomic back pads. 

Perfect for not mixing wet and sweaty clothes with your work uniform, or when you go on a trip and want to carry your laptop well protected. Although with so much protection it is ideal for transporting delicate things. 

Robust and elegant 

It’s the first thing you’re going to feel when you pick it up. It’s robust, it’s tough, it’s hard. But it is very elegant, so you will immediately fall in love with it. 

During the first days you will discover new pockets, hangers, and you will quickly become your favorite backpack. 

It’s going to be very hard for you not to love her. And yes, it also has room for patches! 

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