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About Our Bear KompleX Ab Wheel:

  • The Ab Wheel was made with top quality STAINLESS STEEL handles designed to avoid slipping. With a combination of tough, durable plastic and comfortable rubber that provides a firm grip, you'll have full confidence in knowing that you won't lose control.
  • The wheel itself is designed to avoid wobbly rollouts and surface slips delivering a seriously intense, next-level core challenge.

Bear KompleX designs fitness equipment with YOU in mind.

Life can happen fairly unexpectedly, which can take away from your personal fitness goals. Exercising is more than just "building your bod" which is why this highest-quality, most impactful workout tool that makes home workouts quick, but effective was created. 

Bear KompleX strives every day to make the highest quality gear for functional fitness.

The superb experience is all in the design: using only the highest and toughest quality materials that are built to last! 

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