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Sphinx Rope is made in plastic with double high speed bearing and only 28grs each handle.

Ultra fast, ultra light.

Fast and light

Only 28grs on your hands and super fast bearing in the handles. All of this makes the Sphinx Rope easier to control.

Start to FLY, stop JUMPING.

And the question you’re doing, is it fast?

If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t sell it.

For new, intermediates and elite athletes

The Sphinx Rope is perfect for new athletes, but also for the most experienced.
You’ll always have the control of each jump and that’s perfect for every type of athlete.

Cheap doesn’t mean worse

The Sphinx Rope is one of the best plastic jump ropes you could find. It’s cheaper than our aluminum models but it doesn’t mean it’s worse.

In fact, it’s the favorite of some of our athletes.



  • Handle material - plastic
  • Handle weight - 28 g
  • Double high-speed bearing
  • Color - Black, Red, Ultimate Green, White
  • Cable - 3M, steel, 2 mm thick
  • Cable coating - high-quality PVC

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