Our company brings you our new website showcasing the latest tried and tested fitness equipment and business solutions. This website encompasses everything that we believe defines the Cross-Fit industry at its best: innovation, education, knowledge, passion and above all the dedication to make a difference. We have more than 200 products online and we were careful to focus on getting the best price for our customers without compromising the quality and ensuring that the design of each product, not only represented our company values, but was synonymous with our brand. We love to hear about the success stories of our clients, so please tell us about your passion and how you are making a difference by writing to us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.


To promote Public Health through Physical Activity


  • We thrive to provide you a selection of the finest Cross-Fit Equipment and to support the community to move forward
  • We can also undertake to organise any Sports event, delivering precisely on time and in budget