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RX Athletic Locker-Tape is an extra strong, non-strech, sports tape for maximum protection and support during training and competition. The tape is ideal for functional dressings for sports & everyday use to help prevent and care for injuries to joints, muscles and ligaments. Thanks to the premium zinc oxide adhesive, this powerful sports tape stays in place even during intense and sweaty competitions. The serrated edge allows for quick and easy application without scissors.


  • Tough, inelastic material with exceptional durability
  • Strong & skin-friendly zinc oxide adhesive*.
  • For stabilizing joints, muscles and ligaments
  • Perfect for use in a variety of sports and in everyday life
  • Quick and easy application (no scissors necessary)


  • Material: 100% viscose fabric (skin-friendly and breathable)
  • Adhesive: Zinc Oxide Adhesive*
  • Colors: Black with white logo and white with black logo
  • Dimension per roll: 38mm x 10m
  • Carton includes: 2 rolls.


  • STEP 1: Attach the tape to one part of the body (finger, ankle, wrist, etc.)
  • STEP 2: Wrap the tape, 3-4 times around with medium-tight pressure
  • STEP 3: Tear off the tape
  • STEP 4: Press the tape on for an optimal fit and to insure good adhesion
  • ALTERNATIVE: Unwind an approx. 20cm (8in) long tape strip from the roll in advance, tear it off and then fasten it as described.


  • *This product contains latex which may cause skin irritation in individual cases. In case of allergic reaction, please discontinue use and contact a physician immediately.
  • Do not use on open wounds
  • Do not apply/strap too tightly
  • Do not store the tape in direct sunlight or- high temperature
  • Keep out oft he reach of children
  • The use of this tape is not a substitute for therapeutic treatment
  • For best results, apply to clean, dry skin

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