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Give Those ‘Athlete Hands’ The Full Treatment… With The Unique 3-Stage Callus Treatment From W.O.D.Welder That’S “Practically A Miracle.”


Our Solid Salve Fixes Ripped Hands and Damaged Skin and speeds up the healing of torn calluses for any Rower, Powerlifter, Gymnast, Strongman, or Fitness Athlete.


Wild Harvested Pumice Stone lets you naturally condition your calluses to the optimum "even height" which prevents future cracking and breaking. - Easily.


Our “Hands as RX Daily Conditioning Cream” helps you combat the drying effects of chalk and barbells so your hands stay hydrated and flexible every day. - A TOTAL FIX.


Completely Natural Formula ensures you get the hand-care you need without turning to cheap un-natural junk.


A Handcrafted, Made in the USA, Not Animal Tested Product makes it so you can feel good about the choices you make and get a solution that works for thousands of athletes worldwide.

If You've Been Waiting for A Callus Care System that works on hands AND FEET - Order Now with Our 110% Guarantee!


Rowers, Powerlifters, Gymnasts, Strongmen, Fitness Athletes and all other callused exercisers who need to maintain and repair “athlete hands.”

How To Treat Calluses Easily And Effectively:

Step 1:
Use our Solid Salve to Fix Ripped Hands and Damaged Skin. This long lasting salve rapidly speeds the healing process of torn calluses, deadlift shins, cuts and abrasions. Every ingredient from the beeswax base to the eucalyptus oil is carefully thought out with one thing in mind: healing that bod of yours. Use this Salve on wounded areas of skin after cleaning with antibacterial soap. Apply liberally and often for best results. Just twist off the cap, push up from the bottom of the tube and apply! - Simple and clean use, with convenience in mind.

Step 2:
Maintain your calluses with a Wild-Harvested Pumice Stone. No fancy colors or shapes here, these pumice stones mean business. NOTE: People often mistake "shaving" calluses for "removing" calluses. That's fake news, bruh. Instead: It's important to keep the height of your calluses the same as the rest of your hand. This will reduce the chance of ripping drastically, and feel better when you go to grab a bar.  Cool, eh? Just rub your pumice stone back and forth over your calluses after they've been in water for some time (the shower is a perfect spot for this). - And get perfect evenness, easily and naturally.

Step 3:
Apply our Hands as Rx Cream for daily conditioning. Everything you touch zaps moisture from your skin and weakens the protective barrier your body works so hard to create. - Add in the use of chalk and constant friction and it's no wonder our skin cracks and our calluses give in...That’s why we created our intensive, non-greasy hand cream to combat the drying effects of chalk and barbells so your hands stay hydrated and flexible, preventing rips and keeping damage at bay. Use this product AT LEAST once a day for best results. - Before bed is ideal to allow your hands a full night’s recovery. (For those who have dry skin to begin with, or want superbly awesome skin, use this cream morning and night.)

A USA Made Product

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