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Falcon Grips No holes has all the features of the 2H and 3H models with the new feature of being a hole-less design. These grips are made with carbon fiber to ensure maximum durability and strength. They have a 0.08 mm inner layer to provide a softer feel and generate less friction on the palm of the hand. They offer maximum durability and resistance. Patented design and material. 

Product care 

  • Do not wash
  • If they are sweaty or wet, let them dry.
  • Keep outdoors. You can hang them on your backpack. 

Technical Characteristics 

  • Weight: 0.18kg. 
  • 0.08mm inner layer 
  • Double layer, 2.4 mm thick 
  • No holes 


  • Vegan fabric 
  • Carbon fiber material 
  •  Hypoallergenic buckle 
  • Patented material and design 
  • Resistance certifications: ISO9001 and ISO14001