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Manufactured with a completely innovativeandpatented design, the Grips Phoenix Grips are made with a double polyurethane and aramid fabric to achieve the best grip and resistance of the Grips Picsil range.   

These Grips have been manufactured specifically for use without magnesium and can also be used with magnesium without losing grip. 

The new shape of these Grips has an ergonomic design to offer greater safety to the user. The fabric will protect the outside of the hand during gymnastic exercises, while the inner foam will help prevent rubbing on your wrist and thumb during your workouts. 

Manufactured with a thickness of 1.5 mm, they are very light and resistant, which will make you feel the contact with the bar at all times. 

Fly beyond the impossible with the Grips Phoenix Grips! 

 Technical characteristics

  • Double weave  
  • PU outer fabric
  • Aramid inner fabric 
  • Very resistant 
  • Grips specifically manufactured to be used without magnesium 
  • Grips also suitable for use with magnesium 
  • Innovative design for greater comfort 
  • Design suitable for ring protection 
  • Ergonomic foam to protect the wrist from chafing 
  • Shorter design for greater comfort on your double jumps 
  • Heat resistant  
  • Very light, only 0.13 kilograms in weight 
  • Thickness of 1.5 mm. 


Material 'v2' fabric. Hypoallergenic buckle. 

Endurance certifications: ISO9001 and ISO14001 

Product care 

Do not wash. 

If they are sweaty or wet, let them dry. Keep in the open air.  

You can clip them to a carabiner and hang them on your backpack so you won't forget them on your next workout. 

Environmental Benefits 

100% vegan. Ecological fabric. 

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.


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