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Special Fabric for a limited edition

The double-layer Technical Fabric of the Condor Grips is softer and more comfortable, and provides a better grip.. The fabric is characterized by a fluffiness that gives you an excellent feeling of comfort in the hand, when using it. You will quickly feel that you have a better grip and the ability to improve your movements on the bar. 

Its endurance is inspired by the longevity of the Condor bird. The holeless design symbolizes togetherness and freedom, and provides a faster transition between exercises. 

A new velcro for an unforgettable grip

For this edition, we have improved the velcro, which has a larger surface for the wrist, reaching 3.5 centimetres. It is wider, with a larger and reinforced buckle. In addition, we have included a rubberized surface to make it easier for you to put them on and take them off. 

With this, the new Condor Grips will provide you with more comfort and support on the wrist. The fabric is more resistant and this will give you a product that will last you a long time.

Together Reaching New Frontiers

The Condor is the bird with the greatest flight capacity allowing it to move great distances and fly to many different places. With the new Condor Grips we want to take Cross Training to all parts of the world, no matter how unsuspected they may be.  


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