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Unleash your inner butterfly with the metamorphosis straight belt. 

SECURITY: Every belt is equipped with our WODClamp - a quick-locking, easy-adjust steel buckle and hook-and-loop fastening system that provides added security and increases the longevity of the velcro.

FLEXIBILITY: Our durable velcro and supportive WODClamp allow you the flexibility to lift heavy and easily transition between workouts.

SUPPORT: The 2POOD weightlifting belt is used by heavy lifting Olympic & Functional Fitness athletes for squats, deadlifts, hang cleans, and whatever your lifting needs are.

PROVEN: The 4” Straight Weightlifting Belt is USAW & IWF compliant

WODClamp: The WODClamp is a locking mechanism that secures your velcro in place, both inreasing your confidence in its security, as well as decreasing the pressure and increasing the longevity of the velcro.

  • Why should I wear a weightlifting belt? Weightlifting belts help support your core by providing external pressure to brace against when weightlifting.

  • What makes a 2POOD belt different? Our state of the art WODClamp allows you to keep pressure off the velcro, quickly transition between lifts, and be sure your belt won't pop off. Beyond that, we use quality materials to provide supportive backing that is sturdier than other velcro belts, and we have a design for everyone in fitness.

  • What size is right for me? Check out our size chart located by the size variants to determine your size.


64.8 - 69.8


69.8 - 74.9


74.9 - 80


80 -   87.6


87.6 - 97.8


97.8 - 108


108 - 118


118 - 128

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