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The Heavy Rope Heavy Comba is the new challenge of Picsil. This rope for Cross Training promotes muscle development while performing one of the most complete exercises, jumping rope ! 

The Heavy Rope Heavy Rope from Picsil comes with 1 x 5 mm cable that is easily interchangeable thanks to the quick release swivel system. The high-speed bearings in the handles allow you to train both speed and strength. Thanks to its ergonomic design it provides you with an easier grip with a lower workload. 

It weighs 1kg, corresponding to 450 grams per handle and 100 grams cable. There is the possibility of extracting the inner area with an allen key to train lighter and gain muscle in the forearms, shoulders and calves.  

You can also change the 5mm cable for a 3 or 7 mm cable to be able to train with different intensities. Available for purchase separately.

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