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The Agilitas Wrist Wraps (Box Lingo 3 Orange/Green) were designed to offer you the optimum support at all times. Easy to tighten and loosen. Made with superior quality materials and an array of designs to put some style to your workouts.

The AGILITAS WRIST WRAPS are perfect to ensure maximum performance during your workouts. These wrist wraps adapt perfectly to the contour of your wrists and can be loosened or tightened just by turning them. This guarantees absolute comfort and proper support.

If you are looking for support and protection, the AGILITAS WRIST WRAPS will deliver every time, providing the highest quality support in each training session. They are also the perfect accessory to help you increase your workout load without damaging your wrists.

Made from the finest fabrics, ultra-resistant and perfectly breathable, The AGILITAS WRIST WRAPS will be the perfect allies for an effective and quality training. They are available in both plain colors and original prints, allowing you to execute each exercise with total security to avoid wrist injuries.

If you like to train with style and with maximum security and guarantees, our AGILITAS WRIST WRAPS are going to become an indispensable companion in each of your workouts sessions. Protecting your wrists properly is one of the most important steps to take, if you perform high intensity exercises that place your wrist under high levels of stress.

Reaching your goals in a safe training session is now possible with AGILITAS WRIST WRAPS  by  TITAN BOX WEAR the ability to adapt to each situation properly is essential for maximum comfort during the training session. In addition, its competitive price and great designs, make them extremely irresistible..


  • Maximum protection and comfort for your wrists.
  • 100% Breathable.
  • Adjustable pressure.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Great designs to adapt to your style.

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