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The new women’s functional training tights shorts, based on Picsil’s Core line, offer comfort and boldness in your workouts, thanks to their pleasant to the touch fabric that adapts to all types of exercises.

Don’t miss out on your crop top! Picsil’s latest clothing and accessory launches have been a success… are you going to risk missing out?

Extremely comfortable

Picsil’s new women’s training tights shorts are made from a material that users have described as “extremely comfortable”.

Are you more of a runner, do you like to de-stress in the gym, or is functional training more your thing?

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87% Nylon / 13% Spandexx

Perfect fit to your silhouette

Extremely comfortable

Available in different colours

These shorts are truly the softest and most comfortable we have ever produced. 

Designed for unrestricted movement through any range of motion.


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