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Technically improved and with unbeatable grip.

The new generation of the previous Eagle grips, technically improved and with an unsurpassed grip, will be your ultimate grips.

Picsil’s first non-hole grips, with the best grip you’ve ever felt thanks to the improved “Micro Diamond” technology.

Micro Diamonds Technology

No holes

Picsil grips NO holes will give you the best grip on the bar when you do the so-called “suicide grip”.

Its improved technology “Micro Diamonds” with a double extrusion of the microdots, will make you feel the best grip seen on any grip.

The human is estimated to have a grip of 60 psi, while that of the golden eagle is 400 psi. Are you ready to feel the real grip?

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G+ (Equivalent size L,XL and XXL)

Modified design

The micro diamond technology makes it have an extreme grip on the bar and therefore easier to break with twists. For this reason, we have been forced to modify both the rounded edges and the width of the velcro area to make it indestructible at the bottom.

Stay longer on the bar, perform more repetitions without going down … always under the greatest possible protection with its double fabric. Do you need to know more to buy it?

New velcro

With a wider wrist surface, it has been mandatory to create a new wider Velcro with a larger and reinforced buckle.
With this, the Golden Eagle grips will give you a greater and more comfortable grip on the wrist. Its larger and “ultra resistant” buckle will never have a problem with time.

Better grip, more comfortable and faster transitions between exercises … considerably increase your performance thanks to the Golde Eagle grips!


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