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ARB GRIPS x BORO EQPT offer one of the best in class hand protection during all kinds of training activities, such as cross training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, HIIT training etc.

NO EXCUSES any more.

Feel the gains right away as you run over the next WOD.
No days off due to lack of the right equipment.
There will never be an AMRAP that will get your tank empty.
Sometimes getting to top depends on the “small” things, that usually remain out of sight.


All thanks to the highest quality and specially designed only 2mm thick carbon fiber like synthetic leather, with increased adhesive ability to all kind of bars or rings surfaces and coatings.
Those grips will enhance your skills and endurance during pull-ups, chest-to-bar, toes-to-bar, muscle-ups, dumbbells, dead-lifts, and more.


High quality Velcro that gives you secure fit and feel around the wrist.
Unique, tough and resistant synthetic carbon fiber material that offers maximum grip so you can stick to any bar. 100% eco-friendly and vegan fabric.
The most popular, versatile and ergonomic 3 holes design, made to be worn on index, middle and ring fingers. You can use them regularly as a gloves style, dowel style or as well as like fingerless grips.

What’s my grip size?

The first thing you need is a ruler or something to measure your hand.
Now, take a look at this image. The measurement is from the wrist to the fingers.
The last thing is to choose between Size 1 (protect your hand) and Size 2 (protect your fingers or make a fold).
If between, go for the upper size.


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