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    Jump Rope ABS-B

    Specific jump ropes to develop speed,  quickness,  coordination  and  agility. These jump ropes are ideal for starting high-performance workouts

    PICSIL jump ropes are focused on helping athletes to improve their daily performance by developing the four key components: power, agility, reaction and speed.

    Thanks to his new grip system on the handle, this rope is up to the best ropes in the market, having a very low price.

    Have fun training cardio every day for optimal results. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is equivalent to:

    • Running a 12-minute mile,
    • Cycling 1.25 miles in 6 minutes
    • or Swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes.

    His PVC coated cable is optimized for abrasion resistance, quickness and ease of turning.


    • 3M PVC-coated steel cable for maximum protection
    • Jump rope made of 14cm-long ABS
    • Simple swivel design for unrestricted rope movement
    • Grip screw on the cable for total safety of the jump (specific for boxes due to its ease of adjustment)
    • Includes cloth bag

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