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Copoly flexible cohesive bandage has a combination of a strength elastic general Polyester Nonwoven cloth and latex coating which allows cohesive properties

  • Enhanced self-adhesing
  • Absolutely flexible and breathable
  • Higher resist the sweat and water
  • More protect and wound dressing

  • Widely used in  SPORTS Cross Training
  • Self-adhesing, no need of clips or fasteners
  • Maintains its original size, won't constrict!
  • Resist the sweat and breathable
  • Well flexible and breathable
  • Quick and easy remove by hand, with no sticky residue

  • Cohesive bandage
  • Protect and wound dressings
  • Racing and other sports
  • Hoof binding
  • Identity animals by different colors
  • Medical treatments for the surgical dressing
  • First aid products