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Backpack Tactical for Cross-Fit PicSil

The perfect backpack to go to the box with everything you need or have it in the cabin of a plane.

With exclusive and reinforced pocket for the laptop, it’s waterproof and very robust

Waterproof and full opening

That way your Bee Rope keeps dry and your weightlifting shoes doesn’t mess up. There’s nothing worse than getting to the box and having to put on some wet shoes.

And to take advantage of all the inside space we have done it with full opening, like a book. So you can full fill it and close it.


Outdoor shoe holder to get your shoes fresh after training. We are not saying that your feet smell, but it is better to prevent than to cure.

You can also use the space to transport a second pair of shoes or a koala.

More than 12 exterior and interior pockets for accessories, shampoo and creams, laptop, secret documents of the CIA, a shaker or a dumbbell.

External and  independent pocket for the laptop

Waterproof, with double reinforced padding and ergonomic back pads.

Perfect for not mixsing wet and sweaty clothes with your laptop or tablet, or for travelling and keep your laptop well protected. Although with such protection it’ss ideal to transport delicate things.

Resistant and elegant

It’s the first thing you’ll feel when you pick it up. It is robust, resistant, hard. But it’s also very elegant, so you will fall in love with it right away.

During the first days you’ll discover new pockets, hangers, and it quickly become your favorite backpack.

It’s going to be very hard for you not to love it.


  • Sizes 55cm x 40cm x 35cm
  • Capacity 40 liters inside
  • Weight 1,5 Kgs
  • Used as BackPack

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