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Push your limits to the end. Break that unbreakable PB whiles your back is protected and your core locked.

This belt is designed to protect you and has been tested by Virginia Finol, 3-times Powerlifting Champion and Hannah Caldas, 2-Games and 7 Regionals Athlete.


Hold your core, destroy your records

Designed and made for the best core hold in the exercises in which any help can make the difference and become a new PB

Or just to ensure you the best fasten when the fatigue come and your core muscle are weaker, this belt will take you to the limit *

* Remember to train your core muscles and only use the belt when it be necessary.

You can put on your patches and give it your own style.

What’s my size?



53-60cm | 21-23,5″


60-69cm | 23,5-27″


69-78cm | 27-31″


78-86cm | 31-34″


86-96cm | 34-38″


And you were thinking that a belt can’t be stylish. We designed every little element with all our love to give it a unique style.

The elegant belt

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