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Legends never die and Huracán was a big one in Mexican Fighting.

The masks in this spectacle were worn to avoid the fame that the fighters earned but do not expect to be unnoticed with these socks.

Comfort and performance are guaranteed by using technical yarns for moisture and heat management, flat toe cap seam and high density cotton cushioning.

For our most groundbreaking socks we use fibers designed to make your feet breath even during great physical effort. By a proprietary weaving process we achieve an impressive feeling in the lower part of the leg and the midfoot that is increased by the double knot combed cotton cushioning.

Another of the most thorough aspects has been achieving a perfect anatomic adjustment. We have work on the sock shape and the grade of elasticity and compression.

The technical features of the threads used in our sublimotion socks and the huge possibilities that offer for design make this little pieces of art in an high performance accessory that you can wear in every situation.


The comfort is the most important thing above everything else, that is why we make these socks using double knot combed cotton cushioning.

It isn't possible to apply the same design to this kind of cotton as the other materials of the sock. That is why the sole is black, for your comfort.

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