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Shin Guards PicSil

Clean, Rope Climbs, (Half) Box Jumps, Deadlifts. All these movements can hurt your shins.

Shin guards are made of 5mm neoprene in the front side and elastic lycra in the back.

Be protected, be smart.

Give your shins a break. Deadlifts, cleans, rope climbs, (half) box jump,… your shins can get hurt so quick and so hard that sometimes you need a protection.

The front side is made in 5mm neoprene and the back side is made with elastic lycra. That way you’re protected and comfy.


  • 3 sizes: S , M and L
  • Sold in pairs
  • Rear zip, heel strap and elastic lycra back side. Adaptable to different calves and perfectly fit for everybody
  • The same Knee Sleeves technology and protection.

What’s my size?
Measure the lenght from your ankle to the bottom of your knee

  • S 26cm
  • M 30cm
  • L 31,5cm

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