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HEX-TECH. DESTROY YOUR PR AND PROTECT YOUR KNEES: Designed to give you the best tendon patellar support without losing your range of motion. Also, the Hex-Tech layer protects you against the floor impacts during a workout with lunges.

Sold in pairs. Don’t use washing machine.

Hex Tech. Better tendon and joint support.

The Hex-Tech is based on a layer of little hexagons over the neoprene that gives you a little more pressure in the area of the patellar tendon, which suffers the most when performing heavy squats.

In addition, that double layer makes the impacts to be distributed when we have lunges during a workout.

Best support

Specially created to give the best support during high intensity exercises. They provide complete motion support, as well as provide compression and heat to increase blood flow.

Manufactured in 5mm neoprene, they are specific for heavy WOD, being comfortable for any type of exercise.

Size chart:

  • S 29,00cm – 34,30cm
  • M 34,30cm – 35,70cm
  • L 35,70cm – 38,50cm
  • XL 38,50cm – 41,5cm

How do I wash the knee sleeves?

Don’t! If you want to remove the bad smell, we recommend putting them 24 hours in the freezer to eliminate bacteria. Washing them in the washing machine could tear them.

If I’m wrong in size, will you repalce them?

Yes of course, it’s not a problema. Write us, tell us your problem and we’ll replace them for a new pair.

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