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The new fabric wristbands for cross training, powerlifting and weightlifting adjust with a quick gesture to give you the right amount of support for every exercise.

You can do some HSPU without being disturbed and quickly increase the grip to make a very heavy load, all without giving up the colors you like the most.
A pair of cloth wristbands included in the price.

New adjustable fabric wristbands for Cross Training,
Weightlifting or Powerlifting

The new Picsil fabric wrist straps are essential because by having more support you will improve your marks, but also because they allow you to change the pressure they make with just one gesture. Because you deserve new products, Picsil offers you its new most modern wristbands, with new designs for all people.

So you can do a very heavy Clean & Jerk and, on the way to the wall, loosen the pressure to make 20 HSPUs without problems.

And when you finish the HSPU, you increase the grip of the fabric wristbands again and do a clean that leaves everyone surprised

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Army, Ultimate Grey, Powered Dirt and Ultimate Green

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