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The Heavy Rope VELITES Earth 2.0 is the new challenge of VELITES. This rope for Cross Training promotes muscle development while performing one of the most complete exercises, jumping rope !

A FUN WAY TO TRAIN - The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope is a completely redesigned and reimaged version of the jump rope that you’ve known and loved. Optimized for accessibility, ease of use, and enjoyment. This is the jump rope you’ve been looking for.

CHANGE IT UP AND SEE YOUR RESULTS SKYROCKET* - With up to three different cables to choose from and our unique fast switching system, you can go from crushing double-unders to extreme muscle building at the drop of a hat.

BUILD STRENGTH AND MAXIMIZE MUSCLE GAINS* - Increase the total weight up to 5X in seconds! Just swap the cable and add the weights. Take it from 200 grams up to 1 kg.

FORGET FRICTION, OUR JUMP ROPE SPINS LIKE HELL - Ferraris are fast, right? So we included an automotive double ball bearing system to ensure the fastest, smoothest rotations possible. You’ll have to feel it to believe it.

BUILD TO LAST AND LAST AND... LAST - We use rocket-grade aluminum and stainless steel to build our handles, weights, connectors, and cable interiors. We’re so confident in our construction that we offer a 2-year guarantee for all handles and weights.

RED DOT DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2021 - Get an award-winning design product for your daily training routines. The Earth 2.0 System has been Patented in Europe and is Patent Pending in the USA.

The Heavy Rope VELITES Earth 2.0  comes with 1 x 4 mm cable that is easily interchangeable thanks to the quick release swivel system. The high-speed bearings in the handles allow you to train both speed and strength. Thanks to its ergonomic design it provides you with an easier grip with a lower workload. 

You can also change the 4 mm cable  with 2,5 or 8 mm cable to be able to train with different intensities. Available for purchase separately.

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